5 Tips on Creating an Ideal Following on Twitter


These are tips for building a great community of people who want YOUR product! If this helps please let us know.




1.   Create an idea of what the “Prime Customer” or perfect community member looks like.


·       What market are you in?

·       What niche are you in?

·       Find people who are in that area of interest.


2.   Search for others who are interested in what you have to offer and follow them.


·       Once you determine your target audience you can now systematically search for those you have targeted.

3.   Look at the people who are following them.


·       Do they meet your criteria then follow them.

·       Keep following like minded people who are interested in your subject.

4.   Don’t build up a community of followers that are not interested in your niche.


·       It will be difficult to convert these followers into sales.

·       You will get more buzz and will find out what they want as a new product.

5.   Update often with useful content and engaging not so useful content.

·       Let them get to know you and some of your personal experience as it relates to your niche, concept or area of expertise.

·       Help others to understand what is your cause or reason for being.

·       Give followers valuable insights and information that helps them with their ideas and concepts.



If this information was helpful let us know.

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Our CEO and Faith On The Ask MomRN ShowToday!

Valerie Karnes, CEO of Kids Cash Connection, tells us how to teach children about money management. Eleven year old entrepreneur, Faith, owner of Faith's Awesome Products, will give us a kid's perspective. Call in! 1 pm EST 12/01/2008.347-945-7957. 


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How confident are you that Barack Obama will fulfill his campaign promises concerning the economy?

Yes, He Can and Will! (72)

No, He Can't and Won't! (37)

I Don't Know (23)

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Total votes: 172

10/27/08 Book Bites For Kids with Kid$ Ca$h Connection

Check out this brand new interview with Faith and Jim Bordeau on Kids Cash Connection.



11/05/2008 09:31

It's definitely time for a change!

Last night Barack Obama won the presidential election. The American people stood up in large numbers and declared that the ways of the past no longer work and it is time to head in a new direction for our future. We hear at Kids Cash want to point out something we noticed during this election process. Large numbers of kids not even old enough to vote followed and got involved in this election in a way that has never been seen before. Our kids are paying attention. There is a hunger in them for a better day and a brighter future. It's time us older generations lead the way.  It is now more important than ever before for us parents to take an active step towards their child's financial future. We encourage parents everywhere to start the conversation with their kids about money and success in life. Your kids are paying attention.

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Karnes, Valerie

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Bordeau, Jim

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